About us

Reading Matters is one of the leading distributors and suppliers of educational books and resources in South Africa.

Reading Matters was established in 1997 to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide a book selection, processing, and distribution service to South African educational institutions
  • Promote READ’S recognised teacher – training courses
  • Develop new educational materials for South African leaners that are relevant, tested, and effective

At the heart of the company lies a strong foundation forged through its close relationship with parent organisation READ, a well-known non-government organisation which has promoted language and literacy in South Africa for over 30 years.

READING MATTERS and READ established a team of education experts that develop material unique to the South African context. With access to READ classrooms throughout the country, these experts have been able to develop top quality, tried, and tested materials that reflect the interests, needs, and life of the African child. This team was also the first to introduce Big Books to the South African education sphere.

READING MATTERS is also the publisher and agent for reading programmes such as New Heights, Read for Tomorrow and Sunshine.  Each programme offers learners of varying ages and abilities a series of graded fiction and non-fiction readers that are available as readers and Big Books.

The quality of books selected and distributed by READING MATTERS reflect the best examples of children’s literature currently available today. The books offer a rich language experience and are relevant to the children in that they reflect their world and help them move beyond it. Our goal is to inspire imagination and curiosity through the excitement of the stories.

Reading Matters is an non-profit company (NPC). All profits are strictly utilised by the READ Educational Trust for educational projects and purposes.


READING MATTERS holds the sole distribution rights for:

  • All READ Educational Trust materials
    • New Heights series
    • The READ for tomorrow Grade 7 programme
    • Storykit group readers
    • Storykit Read-Alouds
    • Fiction Big Book pack
    • Non-Fiction Big book packs
  • Sunshine books in Africa

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